Body and Soles: socks for the active dancer, include hand stitched authentic leather foot pads for ease of turning and slip resistant mobility.  The calf high sock provides improved circulation and reduces pain and swelling.  The unique breathable material lets the leg skin breathe freely, and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Uniform and accurate pressure gradient, to ensure effective health and shaping effect. Compression technology applies graduated pressure to boost circulation and help reduce aches and swelling.  The perfect sock for long rehearsals and high intensity performances.  

Material : 97% Nylon , 3% Spandex 

Women's shoe size 6 - 9.5, men's shoe size 5 - 9.5 
Ankle Circumference:20-30cm 7.87-11.8inch 
Calf Circumference: 26-36cm 10.2-14.2inch

Calf-high compression socks for dancers

Women's 5-9
Men's 9-13: Black