When did we become...

Ok, so I know I’m probably going to get eaten alive or verbally assaulted, but I just can’t stay quiet anymore.

I need to ask, when did the trafficking of humans and the war on drugs stop being an issue of importance, or dare I say, ‘a national emergency’? When did we decide human slavery or drug addiction was okay, or ‘just the way it is’?  To be complacent to the fact that drugs are easily accessible to our children, families, friends, and those we care about. When did sexual slavery and exploitation of the human body get pushed under the rug? When did more than 15 million enslaved people today become just another fact of the day? When did 1 in 3 children under the age of five enslaved in trafficking sound less repulsive?

Because here’s the deal, the reason why trafficking of humans and drugs is so incredibly rampant in our country and the entire world..... is transportation. Why transportation? Well, it’s pretty hard to use people for slave labor if they can’t get them where they need them to go! These extremely well organized empires have intelligently developed transportation systems that move people in and out of countries with ease. Imagine, one minute you are on vacation in California, Florida, or Texas, with your lovely family and two beautiful daughters. You let them look at all the beautiful things at an outdoor market and tell them to stay together. Then, one comes running back screaming, “mom, she’s gone! I don’t know where she went, she just disappeared!”

Did you know, from the moment of abduction, to getting victims out of a country, traffickers can move people within a matter of hours? They are gone, and statistically very hard to recover. They just disappear.

What am I trying to say? What I’m NOT saying, is that clean water in Flint or THE ENTIRE WORLD shouldn’t be a priority, or that refugees shouldn’t be able to enter this country safely and freely, or that a wall is the only answer.  What I AM SAYING is that we have a problem. Our system is broken, and it needs to be fixed. So, before you use the latest propaganda ploy to slander someone else or an issue, try and use that energy for solutions.  Because, if you don’t like the current administration’s solution to slow down human and drug trafficking rampant in and out of our country, then let’s begin to talk about other ways that eliminate the need to raise a barrier. It takes us to work together to create a constitutionally sound enviorment that can stand proudly as a safe place that welcomes those seeking refuge, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

So, before you start throwing verbal stones of slander as to why I’m wrong, here’s a few of my thoughts on solutions:

1. Stop using pornography and prostitutes!  The US is the #1 consumer of trafficking based services. Most men, women and children in the sexual ‘service’ industry, have either been forced into drug addiction, or their lives, or the lives of their family have been threatened. 

2. Avoid purchasing items made in countries we KNOW use slave labor! Buy less, and spend more on ethically sourced products. It will cost the same in the end. There’s a huge movement right now to purge or eliminate clutter, let’s use this momentum to help free others too! 

3. Help fund better boarder and port control with good paying jobs and eliminate the corruption.  Traffickers can’t move people easily if their transportation system is disrupted and those paid to look the other way are removed.

4. Start learning about the realities of human trafficking. It’s not a THEM problem, it’s an US problem. 

5. Improve the mental health system. Drug addiction usually starts because people are trying to numb the pain. Emotional, physical, and psychological pain. Let’s  improve how we perceive trauma, and mental health issues and support one another. 

Let’s start offering solutions instead of slander. It’s the only way the peace and love we claim to seek and share will ever be a possibility! 

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