Need help to achieve your goals in life? I am here to help you find a more balanced and fulfilling life!  I have three areas where I feel I'm best equipped to serve you.  The Body, The Mind, and The Soul.  Below are descriptions of each so you can choose which one or all three, are best for you!  I'd love to have the opportunity to talk with you to find out which one of these coaching sessions is right for you.  I offer a complimentary 1/2 hour phone conversation for all new inquiries.  From there, each 1 hour coaching session is $50. These sessions can be in person, live video or over the phone.  I believe lasting change doesn't happen quickly.  Ideally, I would love to have the chance to spend at least 3 months investing time with you to achieve your goals.  Most clients meet with me at least 2 times per month or more.  I'm 100% committed to helping you find your most ideal self! 


This service is a favorite among many of my clients. Whether it's private dance or yoga lessons, originally designed choreography, body mechanics or stretching and strengthening programs, a uniquely designed program for yourself or a group to improve athletic or dance performance, or just to improve your way of life through physical changes, this is the one for you!


Not only is my B.A. in Psychology, but I am also someone who's learned how to navigate the world of learning disabilities for myself and my son.  Venturing into the process of finding a good psychiatrist or therapist who specializes in these areas, is daunting!  I've been there, I get it! I hope my story will help encourage you as we work together to connect you to the right help and resources for your needs. I've also learned a lot about how to spot a potential learning or behavior difference in women and kids, and I can be a helpful resource and advocate to help you figure out whether this is something to pursue.  And, I've gone toe-to-toe with the school system in advocating for my child with ADHD and Anxiety.  I get it, and I am here to help you see that this isn't the end of the world, it's just the beginning of liberation! 


The soul, is to me, the most important component of the 'human trinity' (mind, body, soul).  I've mentored countless women seeking to grow spiritually.  Even though my worldview is through a Christian lens, I feel all humans are special and deserve spiritual wholeness in whatever capacity.  I hope my dedicated study to understanding theology and the relationship between Creator and creation, helps me to embody the characteristics of empathy and acceptance of all human beings, and in turn, walk alongside you as you discover the beautiful capacity of your human soul.


Want to work on all three?  This is the one for you!  This coaching session requires at least a 6-month commitment of 2-4 coaching sessions per month.  It will be work, but well worth it!