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Let's work together! I offer a free 1/2 hour phone consultation for us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit! My philosophy is that to find wholistic wellness you need to address the BODY, MIND & SOUL!


the map

What we feel in our hearts, or the places in our body that well up with love, sadness, pain, anger, or joy, remind us that our bodies can help inform and guide us towards understanding our purpose and our pain.  Within each cell is a memory, a blueprint of experiences that have shaped and guided our steps towards who we are today.  Right here, right now.  Our bodies hold so much truth, and yet, have the power to deceive us into a labyrinth of confusion and doubt.  But what if we learned to read our bodies as if it were a map, an atlas of endless information? Folded into a physical representation of our past, present and future.  The material that binds us in time and anchors us in this life. Our only cause is to honestly sift through this information to guide and lead us into a state of wholeness and unity with our True Self. 


the key

The mind. The one aspect of our physical being that defines life.  Without a viable and active mind, we would no longer be considered meaningfully alive.  A necessary state of consciousness that categorizes our very existence.  We are a complex self-organizing species that go way beyond our experiences. And yet, our experiences are what help define who we are and what we believe ourselves to be.  Our minds have endless potential and need only a key to unlock the glorious wonders unique to everyone.  This key isn’t hard to find or comprehend.  It really isn’t!  The key is just a matter of choosing to open up your mind!


the treasure

Before there were stars or light and darkness there was a spark, a seed of everlasting love and kindness.  A breath of warmth embrace, a thread of healing mercy.  This spark is in every living human being, waiting to be discovered.  It’s a treasure of immeasurable worth that cannot be bought or bargained. This treasure deeply woven into the very fabric of our soul is that life and breath of the Divine Creator – originator of all life.  The master architect of all living matter flowing in and out of you and me.  This treasure is inside you as it is inside me! I wonder, do you seek to find the treasure hidden within your soul?  All you need is to follow your map, use the key and the treasure will be yours.   




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